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You will find here our latest communications on seminars, lectures, etc... 


Optical measurement of physiological sodium currents in the axon initial segment: our paper is now published in the

Journal of Physiology:


The origin of physiological local mGluR1 supralinear Ca2+ signals in cerebellar Purkinje neurons: our paper is now published in the Journal of Neuroscience:


Congratulations Luiza, you are Doctor! Luiza Filipis discussed her thesis entitled "Optical and computational study of the function of neuronal ion channels" and she obtained her PhD. 


Welcome Laila! Laila Blömer started her PhD and she will work on photoactivable toxins and applications to investigate ion channels in layer-5 neocortical pyramidal neurons. 


The parallel dynamics of multiple ion channels revealed by combined imaging techniques and computational methods: our paper is now published in the Journal of Neuroscience:


After returning from the FENS meeting, we had great news: our ANR proposal OptChemCom was selected for funding!!! In 2019-2021 the team will work on developing a strategy for extracting physiological ion currents (sodium, potassium and calcium) from living neurons, using our advanced imaging technology, novel photoactivable toxins developed by the ICST team of Michel De Waard and computational methods in collaboration with our greek partner Panayiota Poirazi. 


Happy new year! Our novel confocal system is online, see our publication with industrial collaborators from Crest Optics (Italy), RedshirtImaging (USA), SciMeasure (USA) and Cairn Research (UK): 


Back from the Society for Neuroscience in Washington DC. Great success with the two posters presented by Karima Ait Ouares and by Marco Canepari.


Congratulations Luiza! Luiza Filipis, PhD student in the laboratory, obtained a prestigious scholarship from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology to spend a month in the laboratory of Panayiota Poirazi. 


Visit our poster at the FENS Forum in Copenhagen! (


MARCO CANEPARI thanks the 20 Inserm researchers that voted for him in the recent elections for renewing the Inserm scientific committees. 


A generalised method to estimate the kinetics of fast Ca2+ currents from Ca2+ imaging experiments. To know more, see our publications.


Welcome to Luiza Filipis! Our new Master student will work on ultra-fast confocal technology to investigate calcium channels. 



Functional coupling of diverse voltage-gated Ca2+ channels underlies high-fidelity of fast dendritic Ca2+ signals during burst firing.  To know more, see our publications.



Welcome to Karima Ait Ouares! Our new PhD student will study calcium currents in cerebellar Purkinje neurons using our novel approach. 


From 07/10/2015 to 10/10/2015: 

We will participate to the Federation of the European Neurosciences Society  FENS forum in Thessaloniki on latest development in brain research.


We are happy to annonce that we will be funded by the ANR grant "WaveFrontImag" in partnership with Valentina Emiliani. This grant will cover our research activity until 31/12/2018.


From 17/10/2014 to 21/10/2014: 

We will participate to the 45th annual meeting of the Society for Neurosciences  SfN in Chicago on emerging sciences.



Combined optogenetics and voltage sensitive dye imaging at single cell resolution.  To know more, see our publications.