The team Neuron Imaging & Calcium Channel belongs to the French consortium “Ion Channels Science and Therapeutics” and is located at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics (LIPhy) of the Grenoble University .


Grenoble is a major scientific and university center in the Alpes, allowing interdisciplinary work on physic and biology. We take advantage of this context to develop partnership with institutes and industries. 


About Us

Marco CANEPARI (INSERM Researcher, b. Milan, Italy, 1970)



Trained as a physicist at the University of Genoa, I obtained a PhD in biophysics from the International School of Advanced Studies (Trieste) in 1999. During my career, I worked at the National Institute for Medical Research (London), at the Yale University School of Medicine and at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. Since 2010 I am Inserm permanent researcher in Grenoble. I am an international leader in optical techniques applied to neurophysiology and author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious international journals. 


contact: marco.canepari[at] 

Laila BLÖMER (PhD student)

Originally from the Netherlands, I finished my master in neuroscience at University College London before joining this laboratory. I am interested in how computational modelling and experimental neuroscience can be used together to create innovative approaches to understand neuronal signalling in health and disease. I am studying the behaviour of voltage-gated ion channels during action potential back-propagation layer-5 pyramidal cells. The goal of my PhD is to extract the diverse ion currents underlying the action potential back-propagation.


contact: laila.blomer[at] 

Luiza FILIPIS (former PhD Student, now postdoc)


I obtained my degree in Physics (nuclear and medical) at Athens University and a Master in Life Physics at the University of Grenoble. I finished my PhD discussing my thesis in December 2019 and I am now continuing my research line focusing on sodium imaging and extraction of native sodium currents in the axon initial segment.


contact: luiza.filipis[at] 

Former members of the team:

Karima Ait Ouares (PhD student)

Nadia Jaafari (postdoctoral scientist)

Elodie Marret (Engineer)

Hanen Ziri (Master student)